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Product features: When you are outdoors, use Coppertone sports sunscreen to protect you from sunburn.  Use this sports protective lotion with a sun protection factor of 30. The formula is lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. It can maintain perfect protection when you sweat. It is very suitable for running, walking, hiking and any other outdoor or summer activities.  Canada’s No. 1 sports sunscreen brand provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, leaving your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.  This sports sunscreen stays strong when you sweat, does not flow into your eyes, and provides continuous protection during outdoor sports and sports activities. Lightweight sunscreen lotion, breathable, enhances moisturizing, and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy;  Tested by a dermatologist, it does not contain oxybenzone.  UVA/UVB sunscreen spray provides broad-spectrum protection to prevent sunburn. Waterproof sports sunscreen (up to 80 minutes) is best for swimming pools, terraces, parks or lakes.


Product Specifications: 259ml

COPPERTONE Sports Sunscreen SPF30 259ml

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