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Medicinal ingredients: benzopheniramine maleate 0.3% w/v, naphthazoline hydrochloride 0.025% w/v


Inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, boric acid, disodium EDTA, sodium borate, water


Packing size: 15ml


Indications: red eyes, allergic eye reactions (pruritus, tearing)


Usage and dosage: Adults and children over 6 years old: 4 times a day or instill 1-2 drops in the affected eye according to the doctor's instructions.


Some users may experience a brief tingling sensation or temporary pupil dilation. If you use this product too often, it may make your eyes redder. To prevent contamination, do not let the dropper touch any surface, and replace the cap after use.


Warnings and precautions:


Do not use in the following situations:


  • You have glaucoma or other serious eye diseases
  • The cover ring is broken or missing
  • The potion changes color or becomes cloudy
  • You are allergic to any ingredient


If you have the following conditions, please consult a doctor before use:


  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have heart disease, high blood pressure or difficulty urinating
  • You are treating a child under 6 years of age


If you have the following conditions, please stop using and consult a doctor:


  • You have eye pain, vision changes or new symptoms
  • Redness or irritation in your eyes becomes more severe or lasts for more than 3 days


Other information: Please keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. Store between 15°C and 25°C.


Note: Please read the complete consumer information sheet on the packaging before use.

VISINE ADVANCE phenalamine + naphthazoline antihistamine allergy eye drops 15ML

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