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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor Diagnosis

Do I need a prescription?

No, our service has a doctor who will provide you with a prescription directly. After registration, fill out the questionnaire, upload the ID. Our customer service will contact you requesting payment and ship your medications. 

What kind of medicine do you sell? prescription? Generic drugs? Brand-name drugs? Non-prescription drugs?

Our platform focuses on 4 items, hair loss, acne, erection, prescription drugs and online chat There are brands and generic drugs for hair loss, acne, and erectile dysfunction (such as Pfizer Viagra and Sildenafil). All products are approved by the Canadian Drug Administration and are on the physical shelf of our pharmacy. We also have a small amount of over-the-counter drugs for you to choose from (to be used in conjunction with prescription drugs).

Why fill in the questionnaire?

One of the many benefits of our service is that you do not need to talk directly with the doctor. The template we use asks the patient for the required information through the volume. If there are other questions after the application is approved, the doctors and staff will contact you through our secure and confidential app system.

Do I need to see a doctor?

No need. Our website provides you with a faster and easier way to prescribe certain drugs. If you need to check for other personal health problems (such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.), our service cannot replace your family doctor. We recommend that you consult your family doctor in person.

How does your pharmacy handle my ID photo and personal information?

Our system keeps guests’ personal information completely confidential. The TELUS KROLL system used by our pharmacy in British Columbia, Canada (provided by the government). According to Canadian law, after your payment is successful, we'll create a file on our doctor's EMR system for 10 years. This is the same procedure as when you visit your family doctor.

Cost introduction

Doctor visit fee: $40, can be prescribed for 1 year (the maximum amount recommended)

Medicine fee: please select service

Shipping fee: 3-5 days CanadaPost $30, 1 day Canada Post $15, DHL International 1-3 days $15 USD

Can I pick it up directly from the pharmacy in Vancouver?

You need to pay online before you come to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine.

How many days does it take to ship to a US city?

1-3 working days 


I have an MSP (Canada Public Medical Insurance) and still need to pay for the examination fee (for medical treatment)?

​Our services are special and are private. You will have to pay out of pocket. However, you can get one year's worth of medicines of one type for one payment 

I have private medical insurance, can you apply for subsidies directly for me?

Our online services do not apply for subsidies unfortunately.

Please visit our physical store for more information.

What happens after my online prescription application is approved?

Our pharmacy staff will use the online chat tool to contact you, assist with payment, and send the medication by express delivery.

Before re-dispensing the medicine, our pharmacist will provide you with drug consultation and guidance. If we do not receive your answer within 24 hours, our pharmacist will try to contact you by phone or text message. If we cannot contact you, we It will be deemed that you do not need services by default.

​How do I communicate with customer service?
​Click to start chat online, our staff will talk to you online. In addition, you can also + our WeChat bcdrugs

Is your doctor licensed?

They are all licensed real Canadian doctors! They will review all online questionnaires submitted by patients. These doctors decide whether to prescribe you. You can check the qualifications of our doctors on the official website of British Columbia,

Do you provide a family doctor?

Please check









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