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Our pharmacy cooperates with Elicare Medical Group, a medical services provider in BC, to provide you with online medical and dispensing services. A team of 37 doctors in 6 physical clinic locations serves 15,000 patients every month.

All doctors have a Canadian family doctor license.

Doctor and Patient
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Refill Rx (renew prescription)

  • Suitable for the following patients:

  • ​ I am currently using this medication

  • ​ I have a box or old prescription for this medicine, I can take a picture and upload it to the doctor

  • ​ The doctor will call you to confirm, and then our pharmacy will ship out your meds. 


See a doctor online to prescribe medication

  • Suitable for the following patients

  • ​ I am sick and need to see a doctor to prescribe something for me. 


  • ​ Click the Chinese version

  • ​ Click register account, open this item v


​FAQ Seeing a doctor on the mobile phone

  • After the appointment is successful, you will receive a text message with the appointment time and video link. The doctor will call you at the appointed time (sometimes doctors get delayed up to 1 hr) 

  • The display phone may be NO ID or BLOCKED NUMBER or 604-416-0376


​FAQ I need to make an appointment, what should I do?

  • Please call our appointment hotline 604-416-0376

  • Online prescription drug customer service 604-916-8598

  • Emergency hotline 604-916-0123


FAQ How do I get my meds? Do you ship it?

  • The doctor will send the prescription directly to our pharmacy (fax 604-422-8221).

  • After receiving the prescription, we will contact you by phone to confirm the delivery time.We send it to all cities in BC, AB, and ON and the United States

  • You can also pick it up in the store.

  • Address: 9618 Cameron St. Burnaby, BC V3J 1M2


​FAQ Is this service free or self-paid?

  • Free service: online consultations for patients with MSP in BC province to make an appointment for free to see a doctor

  • Self-paid service: If you choose online male prescription drugs (impotence, Viagra, Viagra, etc.) or female prescription drugs (contraceptive oral drugs), you do not need to see a doctor in general. You can fill out the questionnaire directly and submit the doctor’s prescription fee ($65) to get a prescription. This service is private. Regardless of province or district.

  • Self-Paid Service 2: If you live in AB province (Calgary), ON province (Toronto, Ottawa) and need to submit a self-financed $75.00, please call 604-416-0376 for more questions.

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