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Since its inception in 2013, BC Pharmacy has brought high-quality medical services to Canadians. Shipping throughout North America is now available

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Erectile Dysfunction

No need to see a doctor in person; online prescription

ED Products

See a doctor online

Talk to a doctor and get prescription drugs delivered directly to home.

Oral Birth Control

No need to see a doctor in person; online prescription


Hair Loss

Prescription for hair growth

and hair loss prevention 

Over The Counter


Over the Counter Medications Delivered to your house

Acne Drugs

99% effectiveness

Oral prescriptions to remove pimples

Our Delivery Partners

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Service Process

Fill out survey
The doctor will review within 48 hours
Safely upload information
Confidentiality of your information
Pay and we'll ship (delivered in 3 days)
Your Security & Privacy

This website has been officially certified by LEGITSCRIPT America Online Pharmacy. This website has SSL Certification. All customer information is stored in an encrypted server in Canada. All communication methods comply with the Canadian PIPEDA Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (SC 2000, c. 5). Your personal and medical information is only for our doctors and pharmacists to quickly and safely provide the products you need.

​Our pharmacist has a professional license from the Institute of Pharmacists of British Columbia
Our family doctor holds a medical license from the Medical College of British Columbia.
Our licensed physical family doctor clinic is located in Burnaby, British Columbia.
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